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Careers Information

Our careers and employability programme runs throughout the provisions and aims to give students opportunities to develop transferable skills, ensuring that they are fully supported to make informed choices about the next stage in their education, employment or training and also making use of expertise from other organisations such as Connexions.

Our aim for all of our young people is that they go on to lead happy, successful and fulfilling careers in the future and the majority of pupils are not NEET.  Pupils receive advice and guidance to make informed decisions whenever choices are open to them. We are committed to ensuring our provision of careers and employability education meets the requirements of the Gatsby Benchmarks.

The Gatsby Benchmarks are a framework of 8 guidelines that define the best careers provision in schools and colleges. The results show how our answers compare to the 8 Gatsby Benchmarks

Careers at MAEPS

Understanding pupils needs, abilities and possible career choices as well as aspirations is the overriding principal to a pupil’s success at MAEPS and preparing them for their future lives.

MAEPS has a strong commitment to the Gatsby Benchmarks and the linking of all aspects of the curriculum by every member of staff to ensure careers education and planning is an important aspect of all school life. To ensure our careers advise is independent, up to date and professionally delivered our careers leader has successfully completed the Carers Leaders Francesca Maughan and Amanda Yabsley are assisted by our connexions Careers advisor, James Carr.  Francesca was trained by North Tyneside Learning Trust, and is level 6 qualified with Amanda Yabsley our in school Careers and Development Lead being members of the Careers Development institute and completing a Level 4 qualification.  James Carr is also Level 6 Qualified.

Pupils at MAEPS are encouraged to explore a wide range of career choices through our information and guidance programme.  We aim to prepare our pupils for future opportunities in the world of study and ultimately their working life.

We believe that all pupils at MAEPS will have access to Careers education and  so all pupils and parents have the opportunity to attend our very own Careers Deeper Learning days which re held annually as well as all pupils taking apart in Careers activities throughout the school Year. The aim of our career’s deeper learning day is to open up a whole new window of different employment opportunities available to them, with information on apprenticeships, college courses, university prospects and employment.  Additionally, all KS4 pupils can attend College and workplace opens days as well as apprenticeship fairs.  Over the last two years we have seen an increased amount of reflection from all pupils regarding their future careers and this has had a positive impact on progress and attainment. Our internal and external independent careers advisor is available to talk to pupils and parents daily throughout the school year.  Our Careers advisors will also attend EHCP meetings and be available at all pupil progress meetings which are held half termly.

KS4 pupils all complete a qualification in Employability to help them understand the skills and knowledge needed to apply to Post 16 Education Training or Employment.  The objectives of these qualifications are to help learners to:

  • develop and enhance skills required for the working environment

  • develop learners’ confidence for employment and motivation

  • improve communication skills and personal effectiveness

  • provide a basis for further study           

Additionally, some of the pupils on the Route 16 Pathway follow the ‘Future Skills’ curriculum which is aimed at giving pupils the widest range of skills for the local workforce and allow them to experience a range of vocational subjects as well as work experiences all of which will aim to help the pupil move on to Education, Employment or Training.

KS3 - pupils have PSHE lessons focused on careers where they have the time to drill down into careers subjects from sources of careers information to writing a careers action plan. This is shown in the infographic below.  KS3 pupils also have small group careers guidance interviews with our independent level 6 careers advisor at the beginning of the year. KS3 pupils and parents have the opportunity to talk to the career’s advisor at academic review day and the carers fair. 

KS4 Pupils can take part in a weekly or ‘one off’ work experience where placements are tailored to their future career aspirations. The careers programme includes: individual and group meetings on post 16 pathways, apprenticeships and college courses, visits,  Attendance to the careers fair supports their option choices and widens their outlook for post 16. KS4 pupils and parents also have the chance to talk to the careers advisor at the careers fair and pupil progress days.

MAEPS is dedicated to ensuring an appropriate and sustainable post 16 destination for all pupils that is tracked and supported throughout year 11 within our key teacher groups. Year 11 Pupils follow a programme of support and tracking that ensures post 16 destinations are appropriate and sustainable.

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