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Information for Parents / Carers

We believe that promoting the health and wellbeing of our pupils is an important part of their overall education. We do this through our personal, social, health and emotional (PSHE) curriculum. PSHE covers many topics including all kinds of relationships, physical/emotional health and the skills needed to live in the wider world. The aim of our PSHE curriculum is to help pupils make safe and informed decisions during their school years and beyond.

Relationships, sex and health education (RSHE) is the statutory element of our RSE curriculum and all schools in England are required to teach RSHE (relationships, sex and health education) in secondary schools. We will be teaching lessons about RSHE/RHE as part of our KS3/4 curriculum offer during timetabled tutor time, RSE lessons, and personal development drop down days which will include topics such as families; online and offline safety; puberty; babies and birth; relationships and communication skills; pregnancy; contraceptives; prevention of HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases; prevention of sexual abuse; FGM; body image; sexting and social media; pornography; sexual exploitation; grooming; and consent. During these lessons, pupils will be able to ask questions, which will be answered factually in an age-appropriate manner. Each pupil's privacy will be respected, and no one will be asked to reveal personal information.

RSE is a statutory subject and although parents can withdraw their child from the sex education element, we want to assure parents that our curriculum is taught in an age-appropriate manner and provides pupils with the time to ask questions in a safe environment and ultimately receive factual information, rather than hearing content second hand or via online platforms. In the 21st century pupils are exposed to so many of the incorrect messages about their bodies, relationships and expectations. The prevalence of sexual images in social and other media make it important that all young people have a place to discuss pressures, check facts, dispel myths and ultimately feel safe.

RSE is a carefully planned curriculum and is there to ensure our pupils can navigate the world around them safely.  An un-informed child is often a child left vulnerable and we want to empower our pupils here at MAEPS.

Parents and carers are the most important educators of children and young people in personal issues and many welcome the support that school can offer to supplement their home teaching.

You may find that your child starts asking questions about the topic at home, or you might want to take the opportunity to talk to your child about issues before the work is covered in school. If you have any queries about the content of the programme or resources used, please do not hesitate in contacting me at school. All materials used are available for you to browse through should you so wish.

Yours sincerely,

Kimberly Bryce           

RSE Lead

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